About Us...

The Company
While ours is chiefly a cut-and-sew operation, all processes leading up to that phase are undertaken to our strict specifications and under our close supervision.

We purchase the finest available yarn which is woven, dyed and finished to our specifications at reputable specialists within the local industry and in whom we have had faith for four decades.

We are always on the lookout for innovative ideas.  Our R&D department works tirelessly with our customers in order to keep tabs on the latest trends and tastes, and remains on the alert to cater to an industry in perpetual evolution.

Our philosophy remains simple; quality products and quality service. Our products will change from time to time.  Our philosophy never will.

The Products
The company manufactures and distributes the following products:
  • Bed and room linens: Bed sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers, bed throws and other related items of a textile nature.
  • Table linens: Table cloths, napkins, placemats and runners.
  • Banqueting/Events linens: A full range of related items can be viewed in the gallery section.

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